Welcome to the KinVel Hybrid Lanka

KINVEL HYBRID LANKA (PRIVATE) LIMITED is a fully maintained company which is exclusively dedicated for HYBRID vehicle maintenance. We, KINVEL identified the market for the Hybrid vehicle as well as the resistances come along with the process of taking this green vehicle industry forward. As a result of this, we figured out some basic and important points in the background.

  • Lack of qualified and non experienced professionals for maintenance related needs of HYBRID vehicle technology.
  • Wasting time at the usual workshops over the city.
  • High charges on services.
  • Lack of comfortably maintained place which is fit with your position to wait until the job is done.
  • Doubts on safeness of the vehicle in workshops.
  • Poor after services in the usual workshops.
  • Lack of time to keep in open eye on your vehicle etc.

These figures make a dissatisfaction at the customer for using a HYBRID vehicle.

It's extremely good solution for a better vehicle. That's what we make out here. We need to provide you an excellent environment which gives you a more comfortable mind of using a HYBRID vehicle. That's how we make our business and keep this forward. Our keyword is "More than a solution". That's why we give you a better atmosphere for a comfortable breathe. "You drive, We Care" is our well saying word at every customer. Here you got a great and better place for your HYBRID vehicle maintenance. It's not a garage. It's a well maintained company and care center. You will have;

  • Better service from qualified and experienced HYBRID technology based professionals who are exclusively dedicated for the same technology with the all latest updates.
  • You can have a extremely quick service due to the experience of the engineers and technicians. And also you don't need to waste the time on breakdowns etc. Because, we follow up your vehicle condition as you don't have enough time to keep in open eye on your vehicle.
  • We gives you follow up service over the phone about your issue.
  • We gives you an up to date service reminders.
  • We keep all of your service history at KINVEL.
  • Extremely fare and low service charges. We don't need to have big profits from a sum we receive. We need a small from profit in to more customers. That's how we are planning to move this forward.
  • You have comfortable customer waiting room with A/C, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi etc.
  • We guarantee you the safeness of your loving vehicle and here we have got a enough space to do the process.
  • We have continued our goodwill from the customers from the previous work places to here. The customers who have already received our service.
  • You will feel more comfortable after having our service, due to the excellent after service. We care you vehicle. Because, it's our resource.
  • We understand your issues. Most of common issues come with the lack of caring of the vehicle condition etc. As you don't have enough time to spend for your vehicle, we can keep it forward with our maximum capacity. We keep your service history and we'll give you the service reminders and follow up calls etc. This will make your work so easy and you can save your time and money.

It's an extremely correct decision you take to have the service from KINVEL HYBRID LANKA (PVT) LTD. So, you don't need of thinking twice on this. Come and feel the difference. You will realize that what a correct decision you have got.